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Today’s Big Catch

Alex proudly presents the massive weed he unearthed today. Weighing in at nearly 7 Ibs, he was very proud!

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On the train

Fair to say, I got some strange looks….

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Walled Garden

When I first see a garden that we are to work in, there is sometimes a moment when I think “oh crumbs, what have we let ourselves in for!” This garden was one of those. Of course that moment usually fades and then we crack on with the hard work. In this garden there was no […]

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Mud, everywhere.

Cleaning the moss, sand, weeds and mud out of this block paved drive was a long and laborious job and the mud got everywhere – ears, eyes, mouth, shoes, arms, legs… (note my newly ‘tanned’ shins) It was a messy job, but strangely fun too! The driveway looked amazing when we had finished, well worth […]

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